Joan Jett Ladies Black Studded Tuxedo Vest
Joan Jett Ladies Black Studded Tuxedo Vest

Joan Jett Ladies Black Studded Tuxedo Vest

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Rebel Radiance: Joan Jett Black Studded Tuxedo Vest! 

Step into rebellion with the exclusive XL masterpiece, a creation embodying the untamed spirit of Joan Jett. Adorned with studs telling tales of rebellion, this vest isn't just clothing; it's a wearable anthem to unapologetic self-expression.

Rock Royalty Elegance:

An homage to Joan Jett, this vest channels rock royalty with studded accents, infusing a rebellious flair in harmony with heavy metal's soul.

Versatile Distinction:

Transition seamlessly from sophistication to the pulsating energy of a heavy metal festival. The Joan Jett Black Studded Tuxedo Vest mirrors the versatile spirit of its iconic namesake, delivering unbridled style without compromise.

Crafted for the Fearless:

A celebration of audacious individuality, this custom-designed vest ensures you seize the spotlight. With only one available in size XL, it extends beyond fashion; it's an embodiment of your unique spirit.

Unleash the Details:

  • Material Magic: 74% Rayon, 21% Nylon, 5% Spandex – a fusion for comfort and daring style.
  • Birthplace Brilliance: Born and crafted in the USA, each stitch resonates with rebellious spirit.
  • Closure Charm: Sealed with a Button Closure – a stylish embrace that keeps you in control.
  • Care Confidence: Tame with a Warm Iron – because rebels know the art of maintaining their edge.
  • Features Flair: Faux Welt Pockets, Pointed Hem, Adjustable Back Waist Strap – every detail a note in your symphony of style.
  • Unlined Uniqueness: Unlined for that weightless, fearless feel – your rebellion, unburdened.





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