Black Distressed Checkered White Coaster

Black Distressed Checkered White Coaster

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Unleash the power of Heavy Metal Zen with our "Black Checkered White Coaster" – the perfect accompaniment for your coffee moments! This rock 'n roll-inspired cork-back coaster is more than just an accessory; it's a statement piece for the rebel in you.

Crafted with a robust blend of Hardboard MDF and Cork, this 3.74" × 3.74" × 0.16" coaster is a durable rockstar for your coffee table. The high-gloss coating adds glamour, while rounded corners provide a smooth, edgy look.

Designed for the wild ones, this coaster is water-repellent, heat-resistant, and non-slip, ensuring your coffee moments are worry-free. Easy to clean, it lets you spend more time rocking out and less time dealing with stains.

Whether you're a devoted metalhead or appreciate a touch of rebellion, the Black Checkered White Coaster is the perfect addition to your coffee routine. Embrace the heavy metal zen and make a bold statement with every sip.

Don't settle for an ordinary coaster; let the Black Checkered White Coaster be the soundtrack to your coffee-fueled adventures! Buy one for yourself or gift this unique coaster to spread the heavy metal love. It's not just a coaster; it's a symbol of your rock 'n roll spirit.

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Your gear isn't just pulled off a shelf; it's handcrafted exclusively for you the moment you hit that order button. At Heavy Metal Zen, we believe in the power of individuality, and that's why it takes a bit longer to get this masterpiece to your door. Our on-demand creation not only ensures a unique piece just for you but also champions a planet-friendly approach by sidestepping mass production. So, a massive thank you for making a conscious choice with us! Your thoughtful purchase not only rocks your world but also makes a bold statement for sustainability and Heavy Metal Zen individuality!

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