Blah. Blah. Mosh. Mosh. Blog!

Blah. Blah. Mosh. Mosh. Blog!

Today, you found a place where chaos and calm collide. A pinch of woosah. A lotta coolada. A place where you can do you. A celebration of the badass authentic headbanger that you are.

Yeah! It’s Heavy Metal Zen’s first blog post. I am Gail and I would like to introduce myself and say, “Welcome to Mosh Talk.”
I am excited to have this “virtual meeting place” where headbangers can discuss everything … heavy metal, rock fashion and mental health. From heavy metal to fashion trends, from new heavy metal music to rock festivals, from smudging to healing crystals, we have lots to explore and can’t wait to engage with like-minded metalheads.

We take the subject of metal, fashion and mental health very seriously; We run our business with an energy and passion that is intense and unconventional. And we plan to approach this blog with the same spirit. We will, however, follow a code of conduct that is courteous and open-minded, and hope our visitors will do the same. Let’s play nice!

So, whether you’re you are looking for custom rockin apparel, metal jewelry, healing crystals to help alleviate your anxiety or just want to chat all things heavy metal & metaphysical, stay tuned for great inspiration, ideas, entertainment and some fun. Please leave your comments below and come back often! Remember.

you are never too old or too young to get your Heavy Metal Zen On!

Let’s go,

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